How not to start a side hustle on AWS


2 Aug 2022

This session covers both technical and soft skills required to create and run a side hustle on AWS. It is a postmortem on WarpURL, a product I attempted to side hustle and failed. I will share some of my knowledge and experience on what it takes to side hustle.

This includes AWS talk as the product was built serverlessly with the AWS CDK, we will cover:

  • Lambda and Lambda@Edge functions that we use for compute .
  • DynamoDB & DynamoDB Global Tables (12 regions) used as a database.
  • Cognito Pool for user management.
  • API Gateway.
  • S3 buckets for storage.
  • SQS for queueing.
  • Lousy code 😃 as we do some code dives

Some soft skills topics will include:

  • Building in Public
  • Payment for South Africans wanting to bill in USD
  • Marketing
  • Everything else required to get to production

Presented at: The AWS PTA Meetup




AWS Architect Profesional
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