2021 in Review

2021 Retrospective

9 December 2021

This was quite the year, both professionally and personally.

Career wise, I started an awesome position at Swipe Ix which is the first company that I have seen do fully remote correctly and has a better culture than some companies pre-covid.

I wrote about 8 articles, plus about 3 more for WarpURL.

Speaking about WarpURL, it’s a product I tried to side hustle. I launched early access just after July but after a few months decided to put the project into hibernation. I spent a lot of months on the project and learned so much having done every aspect of the product. You can read more about the decision here

I continued to run the AWS PTA Meetup, month-to-month.

I spoke at 1 AWS PTA meetup session and 1 InfoQ roundtable about Maintaining Software Quality with Microservices. The highlight has to be my talk at the Serverless Summit 2021, which is the biggest event I have done so far.

I had two interviews/YouTube recordings are available:

I am really disappointed that I couldn’t go to re:Invent. South Africa discovered the new Omicron variant and the world decided to just close its borders the week before re:Invent. I also had Covid beginning of the year (before South Africa had vaccines) which was just terrible, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, we had all the symptoms 😞.

I also had a blast chatting to Kai Hendry about microservices and how they are not the silver bullet you might think they are, YouTube recording available here.

I am already building the next side project, that might be ready for public eyes around February. Hitting a lot closer to home, to the AWS audience I know best this time. If you are managing and login into multiple AWS accounts to use the console/portal and connecting to multiple bastions on a daily basis for SSH tunnels, then my next project is for you. If you are reading this, hit me up and we can do an early access/sneak peek.

Probably one of my best achievements this year is that I finally cleared a few songs on Beat Saber (Oculus Quest 2) on Expert, not a perfect score but it is something I am proud of. It is also not just any songs, the ones from Linkin Park, which feels much more difficult than the rest of the songs on Expert.

I finally got married in this pandemic, having had rescheduled from the year before. We couldn’t do the honeymoon overseas but went to Sedgefield, a beautiful little place next to the coast.

Revised diagram


Revised diagram

Walking with Elephants

Picked up a new hobby, yeah the sourdough bug bit me. I can now make pretty decent sourdough bread, English muffins, focaccias and sourdough based pizzas.

Revised diagram

Sourdough bread

Revised diagram


Other noteworthy events:

  • Got a second dog child.
  • Shot some machine guns and old WW2 snipers for my brother’s bachelor.
  • Got a spin in one of my dream cars, the Nissan GTR.
  • Walked with Elephants.
  • Finally, got that nixie clock.
  • Made some internet friends, Kai Hendry and Daniel Michaels to name just a few.

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